Memory makes you wise

Memory makes you wise, it is by comparison to past, you are adjudged wise or fool. The reference point is always past. The storehouse of wisdom is past and your intellect is compared to whole of the wisdom in past. But keep in point past is dead, it has no power over your future. The power is in only present, you have only present moment, you have neither past or future. And most of the times your wisdom has been borne out of negative situations. So you drag in past, again and again go to past and your most of decisions are erroneous leading to misinterpretation of life. We, in The Break The Rule, make you free from past, so that you think clearly. We make you fool in real sense, when you start saying “I don’t know anything”, then you are a confirmed fool. And the moment you admit that you are a fool, right kind of information starts flowing into your mind. Now “knowing nothing” knows everything.

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